It has been called the establishment, labelled iconoclastic but really, it is just the kind of watering hole everybody wants to have in their neighbourhood. Enter Wala Wala Cafe Bar - relaxed yet sophisticated in an inimitable way, where beer aficionados rejoice and where Singapore’s live music used to reign (2001-2020). Set in Holland Village since 1993, one would soak up the atmosphere under the stars at the terrace which most draws one’s eye - where the crowd congregates with their drinks on a balmy night, either with their eyes glued to world sports broadcasted on the LCD screens with a beer or mojito in hand, or indulge the grub with close friends, perhaps doing a little bit of people-watching.

The appeal of this Holland Village stalwart lies with its relaxed and as-simple-as-it-gets-chill vibe. Be greeted by the unmistakable bright yellow backdrop of a bar, where the walls are lined with a diverse range of spirits and at the forefront, 5 taps of brew vie for your attention (Heineken, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Guinness and Archipelago Summer IPA). With more than 70 single malts whiskies and a selection of alcopops and bottled beers, including a Trappistes Rochefort 6; first introduced in 1953 and survived two World War; it started out as a beer designed for 'medicinal purposes'. The range of beverages are a firm punctuation to the qualities on offer that entice regulars night after night at Wala Wala.

The bill of fare looks westwards with hints of local delights. The Wala kitchen churns out the signature cast of pizzas, pastas, chicken wings, and many more tapas. A must-try would be our homemade Jalapeños Stuffed with Cream Cheese and the Beef Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Cream Sauce.

Wala Wala Cafe Bar has a different experience depending on what you’re looking for and makes for a low-key evening out. Already a favourite along the Lorong Mambong strip, we say come on over and be a part of our history as we turn 30 this year!

**Reservations will be accepted before 8pm on Fridays/Public Holiday Eves and before 9pm on Saturdays to Thursdays. WhatsApp us at 9057-4225.

PRE-COVID : Our level two closed in 2021. We used to be a two storey institution! The level two was a melting pot of performance genres that saw an eclectic presentation of pop, rock, soul, acoustic folk and sometimes grunge. Sadly, 20 years of live music came to an end due to the uncertainties of Covid.

UPDATED : July 2023

Taken on level 2 on stage with Shirlyn + The UnXpected in 2014


In Australian aboriginal mythology, Wala is a sun goddess who lived with her sister, Bara, and her sister-in-law, Madalait. Bara accompanied her across the sun every day, but Wala realised she made the earth too hot and made her stop. She journeyed to the southern mountains and brought back the sun. She then stored it in a bag and kept it until the moon disappeared.